Eurotour #2

Eurotour #2

Hi folks!

After a couple more weeks in Hamburg, Germany, NOVE visited Berlin and now he’s in London. Still in Hamburg, he took part of the 6x3x3 project along with his partner Miguel Ferraz. They collected some materials like discarded woods in the streets and then they projected a huge swing, which you can see on the photos below (by Sarah Bernhard).

nove_euro_2_6x3x3_2 nove_euro_2_6x3x3_3 nove_euro_2_6x3x3_4 nove_euro_2_6x3x3_5 nove_euro_2_6x3x3_6


Also in Hamburg, NOVE painted a mural for the Millerntor Galley (inside the St. Pauli stadium) and then he went to Berlin where he painted in Neukölln, a neighborhood without any tracks of street art, with the suport of Montana Cans and Instagrafite.

The Millerntor Galley painel


nove_euro_2_berlin_9 nove_euro_2_berlin_8
NOVE | Digitalorganico in the streets of Berlin

Next stops: London for now and Amsterdam in a few days! Stay tooned here for more info, ok?

See you guys!
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