New York / Miami

New York / Miami


Hi folks!

My first time in USA was a incredible expirence about culture, food and art scene.

A new fresh label of Bike Acessories – SpokeBike – Invited me to develop a mural and a seat bike design cover.

For this trip i come with my friend Gustavo Amaral, a great artist and a Special videomaker.

I did a paint at a special place to me , the BRONX .
A big building The New York Flounding – They care of Orphans kids, that I had the special experience teaching some tricks at a workshop for them! Thanks kids! you rock!

After, we painted a truck that works at full manhattan and New York during the day.
In Miami the art Scene is incredible! Effervescent and fresh blending the new and old artists from around world at the same place, the neighborhood of Wynwood.

I Had a great luck to paint a large mural in the exit of ” Wynwood Walls”, with the big help of the artist Angelina Cristina, and support by @Spokebike!

And we did part of the exhibithion ” Fancy Nasty” Part of the Miami Basel Art fair, creating some paintings at the ” Gold House” a lovely place around Miami.

Keep Working and good vibes for all!


IMG_0178 okBronx - NY -  2015 P1010029Bronx - NY -  2015

Mural to SpokeBike - Collab with the Kids of The Ny Foundling - BRONX - 2015

Mural to SpokeBike – Collab with the Kids of The Ny Foundling – BRONX – 2015

Bronk NY 2015 2


MIAMI – 2015 " The Gold House " Gustavo Amaral - Miami - 2015 Detail - Miami - 2015IMG_9389Miami - 2015  Detail - Miami - 2015

WYNWOOD – 2015


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